Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 14-15

Modeling with Adam Dewhirst
Spend the last couple of weeks modeling my character, and I actually think it's turning out quite nicely. Been using Maya and for the first time Mudbox, which is a really nice program. So one more week to go, I've got to model the final props, tweeking a few vertexes and whatnot - I'm really hoping I'll have enough time to texture my character - it would really add a lot to it - right now i looks a bit like a hollow plastic chicken...

- my character so far, Maya&Mudbox -

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 12

- so this is Clucky McNugget, the worlds best chicken hypnotist -

Marquette sculpting with Damon Bard

Started out with printing my design from last week, using the sketch mainly as reference, minor changes naturally occured, for instance the neck became a bit shorter which made the character seem more appealling. I feel like (chicken tonight) trying to turn a drawn sketch into a clay model really helped me in getting a better understanding on how the character worked. So now I might even go back and make some adjustments to the drawn design.

Week 11

- the final modelsheet as it turned out -

- some sketches i did during the week -

- small sketchs of Viking on a scooter, from one of the smaller assignments of the week -

Character Design with Craig Kellman
The assignment of the week was to create a non-human biped, that in the following weeks will be sculpted, both as a marquette and in 3D using Maya and Mudbox. With no real limitations to the project I found it hard to decide on what to do, so I ended up creating a naked/roasted chicken that is also a hypnitist/magician.

- a small sketch I did of Craig Kellman-