Thursday, January 27, 2011


- a small slightly more crazy squid sketch I did for the project Q -
- the final image made using illustrator -

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project Q - Concept Design

So the beginning of a new project; Project Q
On this project I'm working together with Sandra ( designing a 4 legged creature, later on I will model, texture and rig it and then Sandra will take over making a 5 sec. animation that I will then have to composite into a background image.
This first week was concept design with Florian Satzieger ( and Willie(
Our first idea for this project was combining the anatomy of a wolf or lion with some dinosaur or lizard features - one of the reasons, for me to avoid having to deal with fur:)
so instead of trying to do something "cool" we went in a completely different direction and ended up doing something cute and cuddly - a small sketch I did of a deep sea "dumbo squid" ended up being the base for the final design.
We named our creature Elliot (the Magnificent) and it is the idea that in the 5 sec. he is on "stage" he will blow a soap bubble and then drift away, on top of that he is supposed to be somewhat transparent so we'll be able to see some of his inner organs...let's hope it'll work out.
- the first approach to the project Q, this sketch is made by Sandra -

- my little doodle that was used as a base for the final concept -

- the final concept turn around -

Thursday, January 6, 2011