Saturday, July 31, 2010

week 23

Exam week
for the exam we had to make a translation from some 2D artwork into 3D. Build the low-poly model in Maya, then bring the model into Mudbox to get a high poly version, or a normal map that then could be applied to the low poly version. The final result could have been a lot better had my planning been just a little bit better. But since I was a bit insecure as to how much time was needed for Mudboxing I ended up planning to much time for this part of the assignment, leaving less time to create a proper base mesh.

-model with normal map applied-

- low-poly version-

Week 22

Concept development with Peter Chan.
This was a truly great week. A ton of new information to take in. But with a totally committed and very positive person to teach us the week went by to quickly.
We were each given two random pictures or images that should be used as a foundation for creating one character, one creature and one environment that all should fit together, into one "moment" as the final outcome of the week.
On top on all this Peter tried to get all of us to step out of our own comfort zone, meaning we should try to design/draw in a manner we where not to familiar with.
- And this is really hard, I tried to use more details in my design, since I usually keep my characters relative simple, but in the end the final result wasn't that far away from what I would call my own style or comfort zone.
In general I wasn't that pleased with the outcome, but I just have to see it as part of a process - and then if I can find the time during the summer break, maybe I'll go back for a short revisit.

-sketch for the final moment-

-sketches of the character-

-different thumbnails-

Week 21

- a couple of sketches I did of our two French teachers, Paolo and Daniel-

Digital Painting
We where introduced to both digital painting(or matte painting), in for instance Photoshop and camera projections in Maya, that being a way to use a matte painting in a 3D environment. Both subjects really interesting but unfortunately it didn't seem to be that well planned and with all that new information in just one week it turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment to me.
I had really been looking forward to this week, so hopefully this is not the last time that digital painting is on the schedule.