Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Notebook

- Adam and Eve getting kicked out of the Garden -

- I have no idea.....-

So the other day I was helping my mother clear out some things for a garage sale, when I stumbled upon some of my old notebooks from school. One of them was from my religions class way way back, (I'm guessing I must have been somewhere around the age 8-11) and it featured these rare gems of sketches I did during class. Obviously we must have learned something about Adam&Eve and Pharaohs and the ancient Egyptians, but where the very funky camels and that half robot-man killer machine comes from - I don't know. Should I however venture a guess I most likely haven't been paying that much attention - and so my mind probably wandered(fancy way of not saying I was bored out of my mind)  

 - The very well known story of the ancient Egyptians killing each other....(?) -

 - Oooo so funky Camels -

 - From the old Norse mythology the tale of the cyborg-killer-robot -

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Monsieur Pussycat

I have been doodling on some sketches of cats and squirrels as inspiration for a personal project a friend of mine is currently working on. As most of them is done using the good old pencil and paper - getting them into the computer without access to a scanner is going to be bit of a puzzler, one workaround could be to use my mobile cam and then emailing the images to myself, pretty sure the quality isn't going to be the best....hmmmmm anyways this guy was one of the simplest one - shape wise so I just redid the hole thing in Illustrator, using the sketch as a reference.