Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Illustrator version of my character

I felt my character design would work better in a 2D version rather than 3D for which it was intended. So while working on the 3D I also made a version in Illustrator, and I have to say - I'm really pleased with the result.

Final Image

So this is how it all turned out. Seven weeks worth of work condensed into one image...


Elephant from martin hjelholt brun pedersen on Vimeo.

A small video that shows the progress during the project period.

Week 49 - 50

Texturing/shading, lighting and rendering with Anna Kubik

Week 46 - 48

Modeling character and props, UV-mapping with André Bergs
In order to get a more hands-on experience with UVs we were all sent to buy a teddy bear – and then cut it open…it was the day innocence died…the day of the teddy-bear- massacre

week 46 - 48

character modelling

week 46 - 48

massacre of teddybears....UVing

Week 45

3D layout with Anna Kubik

Here we started out transferring our sketches to 3D – using simple blocks/primitives to set the stage…couldn’t help myself had to put a single light in the scene – since it was quite important in my original design. Then on the very last day Anna suggested (?) that I should try using a higher camera angel – so I started playing around with that and ended up with….actually this was a layout I had already tried out the first week but discarded – since I didn’t feel that the image would read easily, with the noose/hanging all that was going on….but ultimately I ended up using this new layout – it just works out better this way.
(Later on I decided to give my character a full pardon….but more about that later….)

week 45 LayOut in 3D

week 45 Final LayOut

week 44

Concept design with Chris Turnham and Kevin Dart

This week we started out on our seven week end-of-semester project – the target of finishing one rendered still image. The headline was “circusFreaks” and we were given a style guide (the style guide given to us was “vinyl-toys”) this was the framework where in we had to keep…

I started working out a story for my character. The first thought I had about Circus freaks was that there is a certain sad quality to it. I thought about Pinocchio and how he was being used by (mean guy) so I decided that my character should have had it. It should all be to mucj for him – so he was going to end it – by committing suicide. Next I focused on the character itself, went for a classic – the elephant man – although my character ended up being more elephant than man, and probably the cutest elephant man ever….but still a circus freak.

week 44 - Color Layout

week 44 - Character in pose