Sunday, August 23, 2015

another Robot

 Finally "finished" this little guy - it started as a 3D project, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away......I got stuck in creating the CG model, I think mainly because I had no final design to work after, instead I had a couple of doodles and an idea in my head. But it didn't really work (images of the 3D work can be found on this blog if you go back in time...) So when modeling didn't move along I decided to take a step back - and make a design that worked for me. So I started on this little guy - and it is now more than a year ago....things just kept on coming in the way - I got a job and had to move, I had to do the dishes (every single f****ing day) excuses I had plenty to go around :)

But now he is here - and with a little luck (and a dishwasher - send money please....maybe I ought to do a kickstarter) I will now go back to Maya and start over on this 3D project - who knows maybe I'll finish - this year??

The work is done in Illustrator, based on the sketches and my main idea. And at the end I couldn't help myself but to play around with some textures and overlays in Photoshop.

- A little line up with some textures added - just for the fun of it -