Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 50

Matchmoving with Leigh Russel
working with autodesk match mover, the week was used to give a basic overview on match moving, we also learned some about HDRI and lighting without lights.
The assignment for the week was to track a small piece of footage and then add a character. For the character I decided to use the rubber chicken I did in the spring so I added a quick rig so that I would be able to animate it just a little bit, and with this awesome result - who needs animators;)

- what is lurking in the hospital basement? a slightly deranged rubber chicken,
if you ever meet him - RUN! as if you life depends on it -

- a screen shot from one of the smaller assignments in match mover -

Friday, December 10, 2010

Trailer Project

- the final result of the trailer project -

- not really a part of the trailer project, but I decided to do a little turn around of my character -

Week 47-49

Light, render and composit with Max Böhm
So the final three weeks of the trailer project. The first two weeks we worked closed together with the animators. Attending dailies and basically acting as directors, while at the same time fixing our rigs when they broke down or making small adjustments to them when needed.
While the animators worked on bringing our characters to life we started finishing up the final textures, matte paintings and what ever still needed to be done.
As the different shots where finished we could get started lighting them, and get started on rendering, on this project we had access to a renderfarm, it worked quite nicely and it definitely made life easier for us.
Just after finishing the trailer, early Friday morning, watching the final result for the first time - it was already obvious to us that there where things that could have been better, but as Max said you will never reach a 100% on any given project and we where out of time.
Still I'm really pleased with the final result - it turned out great.

Friday, December 3, 2010

some work in progres

just some random stuff from the trailer project - it should all be over very soon, and it is looking good. The animators have now done their part and so we "only" need to light, render and composit everything - no biggy....

- we needed a picture for the bedroom scene so here they are; the nipple twisting gals -
- a watercolor sketch I did that is used as a mattePainting -
- some test renders done while lighting the scenes -

- the title that is used in the end of the "movie", since it is supposed
to be an action trailer the style of thefont needed to reflect that -