Wednesday, April 13, 2011

- just a little After Effects exercise -

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Q - Final Result

VFX with Chris Smallfield.
So for the last couple of weeks it has been all about render and composite, and getting the 3D character integrated into the background picture. For this Chris showed us a lot of really nice VFX stuff that would help make it all a bit more believable, like different dynamics in Maya
(like dust, fog etc.), and a lot of other things that can be added in post production.
Since the VFX class was only two weeks the focus was on getting projects done, it would have been nice with an extra week just for testing out all the dynamics that Chris showed, but I'll just have to find the time for that later.
For compositing I worked mainly with fusion, but in the end I also had to bring it all into After Effects to add lens flare and a couple of other effects that fusion didn't have.
Sandra, the animator on this project, really wanted a black and white version, so I ended up doing two versions of the "movie". The old movie style was sort of a last minute thing, desaturated in AE, adding some dust and scratches on top, so I didn't have the time to change the background which is sort of a shame, the modern buildings and cars doesn't go that well together with the rest - so maybe I'll change it.
Also the sound in the coloured version is something I would have liked to tweak a bit more - especially his "footsteps", but this is what was possible.