Tuesday, September 28, 2010

- another concept done in Illustrator -
- a quick concept/environment design I did in Illustrator for the trailer project -

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 37-38

3D animatic with Cyrille Caron
Here we start to take our 2D animatic into 3D, trying to figure out how to best frame every single shot. Deciding on what camera angle, focal length etc. we want to use. All of this is done using very simple build characters and sets, since the focus at this stage isn't on great animation or beautiful light settings and so on, but more on the actual layout. I think we went through three or four versions on the animatic, small changes that had to be made from one to the other; here you can see the first and the final version, even though we have already talked about some minor changes that might need to be made, things like tweaking the timing of the sound etc.
At this stage all the wünderfull animation was done by the CGA part of the group, later when the proxy models have been replaced with the finished 3D models - the animators will help us out and hopefully make some awesome animation - making this great trailer complete.

- The final version -

- A background Image I did for the final shot, digital paint and collage done in Photoshop -

- first version of our 3D animatic -

- a couple of screen shots of the character, Catherine that I "modelled" for the animatic -

- Some screen shots from the first version of the 3D animatic -

Sunday, September 12, 2010

- the final image, rendered using Illustrator -

- the concept sketch of the fisherman -

Friday, September 10, 2010

week 35-36

Story Boarding und Character Design mitt Uwe Heidschötter und Christian Puille.
And since that is about as much german as I speak, we'll continue in english. It has been a couple of great weeks, with plenty to do. We had to figure out what story we wanted to tell, and which images we would use to tell that story. Then we had to draw the story board, design the characters, and finally make an animatic.

- the 2D animatic for our Jules ét Jim trailer prj. -

- color script for the trailer, the images where later used for the animatic -

- some rough sketches I did for our character designs -

2nd Year

The Trailer Project. A group project that will last the entire third semester.
Each group is given a classic film they have to re-artdirect and the create a 30 sec. long trailer for it. For this project we will also be working with the animators, as they will animate our characters for us. I am in group with Nikki ( http://n-starostka.blogspot.com/ ) and Fie ( http://a-tholander.blogspot.com/ ) and we will be working on Francois Truffauts "Jules ét Jim", it's a story of two best friends who falls in love with the same woman, Catherine. Since the movie is rather slow paced and with a lot of talk-talk-talk, we've decided to make our trailer more action packed, taking some of the more interesting scenes out of their context, cutting them together into something that hopefully looks a bit more entertaining. Furthermore our three characters will be modelled as insects, with a somewhat flat looking background, like sets on a stage.