Friday, February 18, 2011

helicopter model

- (13/03/11) the final model now with some textures, I'm pleased with the result I think it looks almost exactly like the toy model. And know that he has served his purpose we will say bye-bye to the little chopper and send him on his final journey....

I made this model using an old toy helicopter as reference, this is a test render using a toon shader - I'm planning on doing some textures later on.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project Q - Modelling and Texturing

- Elliot the Magnificent as he turned out -

Modelling and texturing with Armando Sepulveda
Since the design is fairly simple modelling the character wasn't the biggest problem, nor was the texturing - the challenge with this character was the shading so this is where I spent a lot of time, trying out different things hoping to find what I was looking for.
Since the character is supposed to be somewhat transparent I had to model some different organs for him like a heart, lungs etc. I tried out different design - some more "human" like and some inspired by deep sea creature, making them look more alien like, but it didn't feel right for such a cute character, so in the end I changed it to bubbles instead of organs, and now I think it works. The only thing that is left is the eye - I think maybe he looks a bit too evil now...

- model work-in-progress -

- oooo the fun of a failed testrender -

- AO,wireframe and beauty renders -