Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 18-20

Animation & Rigging with André Bergs
We started out with one week of animation - in order to get a better understanding of how a proper rig should work, and just made a couple of small animation exercises; bouncing ball, tentacle, tentacle playing with ball and for the grand finale we animated to a piece of music. Animating a character to our own little bit of music - and in the end it was all put together.

For the rigging we could choose between a standard character to rig or we could use or own. In order to keep it a bit simpler for myself I chose the standard character, which I think was a good idea - since there where more than enough (minor) problems.
And lots of new things to take in, gimball lock, rotation order(Switzerland&the axis of evil) and remembering to keep a decent naming convention on all the joints and controllers - to avoid getting to confused.
- I did manage to complete the basic rig, and I also had the time to ad some rotation-correction-joints in both arms. The IK/FK switch for the arms I didn't get around to.
-a sketch of our teacher-

-some screen shots of the rig-

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


- During this week I had a brief encounter with the most illusive render only appears on your desk, while...rendering -

Week 17

Render & Presentation with Anna Kubik
This week was all about rendering and putting together a presentation of the entire character project - all the way from the beginning. So putting together inspirational images, early sketches, final design and images and turn around of the final character, in both an AO rendering, wireframe and beauty render. And some close ups of certain details on our model we where pleased with. I never finished this part of the assignment due to render problems, or to put it in another way - it took way to long time to get my images out of Maya...

-I later redid, or re-cut the presentation since I wasn't entirely satisfied with the first result, so what is shown here is version 2.0

Week 16

- a couple of renders of my character; wireframe, AO and beauty+AO -

Thanks to Iceland and a certain volcano, eyafjallajökull - Adam was stuck in Viborg for another week, probably not the worst for any of us - since most of us still needed to do a lot of modelling.