Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Since I graduated in late January the focus has been primarily on looking for a job, something that still hasn't payed off. On top of that I have been nurturing my desire to go into hibernation, god how I hate the danish winter. And even though daylight has found its way back here, and spring is just around the corner, the cold weather lingers.
But since I couldn't stay in bed forever, even though it seemed like the sane thing to do I decided for a little and easy start up project, something to get me started. Watching the intro music for the disney show Tale Spin (and sinning along - danish version is better) I opted for a plane of some sort.
So this bi-plane is based on one of the first hits after a quick google search, a not too detailed photo combined with a bit of imagination. So sort of realistic but not. Looking at the renders I think maybe the wings ought to be thinner, the tail also could use some more work and I also considered a couple of gun just for the fun of it.
But as there is a lot of other ideas in my head, trying to get out.... I'm not really sure if I want to spend more time working on this one.