Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 8-10

- 1. picture is a test render and the 2. is how far I've got, and as you can see I need to put in a lot of stuff -

Light and Render project with Oliver Kirchhoff
The goal is to do a timelapse, showing how the light will pass by a single room during the course of a day.
In this the first week of the LnR project I have been working on setting up my scene, trying different lights, and off course waiting, waiting and o yes more waiting on Maya to render....
The room isn't entirely finised, I need to put in more stuff, like for instance some curtains, maybe a plant, some picture frames and shelves and just general kitchen stuff....more to come in next week

Week 6

I Saw A Monkey from martin hjelholt brun pedersen on Vimeo.

- The final result of the Film Jam -

- an early test render of the janitor from the movie; "I Saw a Monkey" that I was working on -

Film Jam with director Amy Winfrey
Six different directors, working with groups of both first and second year, animators and CGAs, and the overall theme of "the outsider" and with the common goal to create a lot of small animated films in one week.
I've worked with director Amy Winfrey on one of her projects; "I saw a Monkey" we worked with cut out animation, in Maya, so using a 3D programme to make something look 2D. It was a really fun week an the movie turned out great, even though we could have used a couple more hours to make the final tweaking.

Week 5

- a few panels from the story bead; "St. John dies" that I was working on -

Story Board with Tod Polson

working in small groups on a short story called "the Hound" by H.P. Lovecraft breaking it down, into the major story beads, then individually board out one of these story beads.

Week 4

- sketch to the epic movie: "attack of the 50 foot little drummerBoy" -

Lay Out with Uri Kranot
We started out doing a lay out that should include; Bonnie and Clyde and their car, right after they were shot.
Second assignment of the week was a part of a story board from an animated batman series...
And finally we got a little animation we then had to make a background for and finally compose it making it into a little "movie"...

Week 3

- color thumbnail for my final image -

Color with Lawrence Marvit

color theory; with among many things the bias color wheel.
besides that we spend the week trying to get a better understanding of color, by mixing paint - and even though it made me feel like a second grader - especially because the outcome was so awfull, it worked...