Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week 6

I Saw A Monkey from martin hjelholt brun pedersen on Vimeo.

- The final result of the Film Jam -

- an early test render of the janitor from the movie; "I Saw a Monkey" that I was working on -

Film Jam with director Amy Winfrey
Six different directors, working with groups of both first and second year, animators and CGAs, and the overall theme of "the outsider" and with the common goal to create a lot of small animated films in one week.
I've worked with director Amy Winfrey on one of her projects; "I saw a Monkey" we worked with cut out animation, in Maya, so using a 3D programme to make something look 2D. It was a really fun week an the movie turned out great, even though we could have used a couple more hours to make the final tweaking.

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