Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm back & 8-bit fun

So it has been a while since I last got around to post, or create anything for that matter. I got a job and had to relocate, so as the summer passed by I spend my time looking for an apartment and putting things in boxes. Now I am getting more settled but the last of the boxes still haven't been I have no better place to put all of my stuff, but I'll get there. Eventually.
At the same time I had to adjust to my new life, going from more than a year of unemployment to getting to work eery day, quite the change. It's a good change but especially in the beginning I had little to no energy when I got home, so  I haven't gotten around to work on any of my own things just yet.
It seems there is always dinner to work and dishes to do....Ohhhhh the dishes how they haunt me. No sooner have I cleared the kitchen counter before they start piling up again, evil little things.

So today it is just a little After Effects 8 bit fun, hopefully I'll be back soon, and more frequent.