Friday, August 31, 2012

The Pink Scooter

While I'm getting ready to start my internship and battling with my bachelor thesis paper I've decided that maybe it is time to get started on some 3D again. It is nice to have something else to do when writing is becoming too much of a nuisance. So it should just be a little and simple task just to get me started, and even though I have lost of interesting ideas lying around maybe they would require too much work from what is just thought as a little "break-project". 

So I've started modelling a scooter. My mom won a pink scooter in a local supermarket this summer, so I thought well why not....right now I not really sure what exactly I'm going for, at this point it is a mix of several different pics found online, mainly vintage vespas, but I might try to push it a bit more making it more toony.

- work in progress of the (pink) scooter I'm currently working on - 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bye Bye Viborg

So I am packing, will be leaving Viborg - soon I am of to Aarhus where I will do my internship at JA Film.  For three years this little room was "home" but I can't say that I will be missing it all that much. It always amazes me how much stuff it is possible to cram into such a confined space, so I will better have to get back to work.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bachelor Update

So while the animators are in Copenhagen, asset creation continues. I have been working primarily on look development and at the same time trying to learn "Nuke" since we've decided to switch from "Fusion". And while our production manager is away I will be filling in for him -uuuuu the joy of excel sheets. So my schedule is pretty much full and I don't get to do much modelling, but here is a little coffee mill a background asset that I created for the Inn.  (Oh and by the way this post has been a draft for like six months or so by was written in February, not sure why it wasn't published before...)

Long Overdue Update/Next Stop The Real World

So my bachelor project is done, and all there is left before I graduate in late January 2013 with a bachelor in CG Arts is a thirteen week long intern ship period which I will do at JA Film in Aarhus DK. Also set to happen in late January of 2013 is the world premier of "Porcelain" on the web and hopefully on many film festivals around the world.