Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 43

Environment modelling with Jericho Green
This week we started modelling the final props, settings and environment - replacing all the blocks with the finished and much more detailed models, getting even closer to how everything should look in the end.
We also looked at what had to be done in 3D due to paralax, and what could be done in 2D - like mattepaintings.
I spent a lot of my time this week on one asset, the car that I've modelled and UV'ed - I would have liked it to be even better but my modelling skills are still improving and I didn't have more time since we had to move on to other stuff - so maybe I'll refine the model later. For now this will have to do - and since we do not see that much of the car in close up I think it'll be just fine...
The car is modelled after a VW beetle, since all the characters are insects.
- a screenshot of the car i did-

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