Friday, October 25, 2013


So I have finally decided that this little fella is about done.  I wanted to get to know Photoshops pen tool a little better, wanted to see if it offered me other or better options than my usual weapon of choice - Illustrator. The idea was to try for a more painted look, using brushes, paint in some textures and some light. But I did find it very hard to stray from my more flat shapes and well defined areas for light and shadow,  I am certainly no painter, and how this dino ended up all of the work might as well have been in Illustrator - but then again - this was the first attempt so maybe I'll just have to keep trying.
In actual work hours this was not a big undertaking, but deciding that it's actually done - it has taken me quite some time - and if I am ever to move on to other projects I have to stop eventually.
The original sketch is about two years old, made during my bachelor project, and in all that time this little piece of paper has just been lying there in the midst of other amazing ideas ;)

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