Saturday, April 11, 2015

Auction Day

 - A bottle ship, one of the symbols from Auction Day -

So the first machine I did the graphics for is now, almost done (there is a character missing - but he'll be added later) and online. We are talking casual games, in this case an online slot machine with mini games that can be won. The theme was inspired by all the TV shows involving auctions, flea markets/car boot sales and those storage unit TV shows that seems to be everywhere these days.
The main scene is designed to be like an old attic that is filled with loads of old stuff. All the symbols that is in the game can actually be found more or less hidden in the background. 

- The Main Background -

The overall theme was I my mind very broad, because you could fit just about every thing into this world of buying and selling more or less valuable, old things. From designer chairs to antique clocks and so on. And because I wanted so many things in the main scene, it was a bit of a challenge to make it all seem like one big mess - without it actually being too disturbing to watch. Especially all the colors had me a bit worried - but toning them all down just a little with bluish overlay made it all work.

One of the mini games is an auction game where you "sell" some of the old goodies you found in the attic. Winning the mini game has actually nothing to do with what you find in the main game - there is a separate symbol for that. But I found it helped me in building this world - trying to fit the maybe a little more lowbrow attic hunt and flea markets with the more "high class" world of the auction.
So in my mind telling the story of someone rummaging through their attic to find grandma's old diamond ring, so they could bring it to the auction house to make a big sale, worked out quite well.

 - The Auction MiniGame -

My main tools for this project has been Maya for the 3D work - both modelling, shading, light and render. After Effects was used for compositing. And naturally Photoshop has been used for texturing purpose.
I also did some work in Zbrush - it's an amazing tool but I am still finding my way around - but for instance the symbol of the bust is made using zbrush.

 - Small line up of some of the symbols -

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