Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Vikings

 Here are some images from the second machine I've worked on while at Cego. Finished in late 2015 and it is called Vikings....can you guess the overall theme?
I used Zbrush and Maya for the 3D work. Photoshop for texturing and what not and After Effects was used for compositing. The overall shapes where quickly blocked out in Zbrush- especially for the more organic things. Then over to Maya for retopologizing - then back to zbrush for some quick and easy Uvs, a bit of sculpting, then some polypaint and extrating of normal and texture maps. Rendering was done i MentalRay.

 - The top bar from the frame on the main screen. Inspired by the "J√∂rmungandr" (or "midg√•rdsorm" in Danish) from Norse mythology. In my version the one "worm" has to tails and the other two heads - it is not a mistake....shhhhh - 


- A line up of some of the symbols -

- The first sketch for this symbol, over the model to the finished image -
- The same model was used for a side-scolling mini game, here's an early sketch, a concept and the 3D model -

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