Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fish Tank part 1.

Here are some images from one of the latest projects I did at work.
Set in a very loosely defined  world of an aquarium, (not going too much into detail regarding salt or fresh water fish - as long as they looked good).
I worked on designing, modeling, sculpting, texturing, light and render, and compositing.

Getting more into working with zbrush I created the fish in zbrush, getting as close to the shape I wanted as possible. Then I did the retopologizing in Maya, maybe not necessary as the characters where not going to be either rigged nor animated - most of all it was to keep up a good workflow not getting into some bad habbits with too bad topology.
After retopo in Maya (I quite like the quad draw tool I have to say) it was back to zbrush - sculpting details, creating normal maps and painting the texture.
Photoshop as well as after effects were used for compositing purpose. 

- Final render of the bloat fish -

- the bloat fish, work in progress -

- final render of the box fish, at least it was inspired by an yellow spotted boxfish -
 - seahorse, version 1 & 2.....first one looked too much like a dragon - so I cut his head of..... -

Seahorse Turnaround from Martin Hjelholt Brun Pedersen on Vimeo.

 - early screenshot of the game -
 - different maps from the background image, mainly used the beauty the rest was primarily for test and generating light effects -

I used nparticles with geo instancing to create the "rocks" on the aquarium floor. Fun and I am quite pleased with the result - but filling the aquarium was somewhat tedius as it got relative heavy after a while.

- A bunch of starfish what was not used in the final project -

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