Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fish Tank part 2.

More development images from the "Fish Tank" production. First up some images of the goldfish - it started out really cartoony, heavily inspired by the "Cleo" goldfish from old Disney animated shorts  
(and/or Pinocchio).

- concept sketch and digital paint over -

- 3D model w.i.p. paintover, trying to better define the tail etc. -

- 3D model -

- finished model, before the design was deemed too cartoony -

- the final goldfish -

A couple more of seahorse progress images to behold;

- trying to make GIF in Photoshop, of the few progress images I had :) -

- an attempt trying to compress the seahorse to better fit into a square format, didn't really work - 

 I also made an angler fish;

And finally a couple of ramdom items;

- a rock made for the aquarium, Zbrush and Maya -

- an old divers helmets made as an ornament for the aquarium, didn't make the final cut -

- a fish made for the background, I call him Simon (the salmon.....very much a fish for an aquarium) -

- the "triangle fish" some color explorations - early model in lower right corner -

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